Parade is Hall of a prelude

Known for throwing hard, high and tight, the no-nonsense pitcher presented a much different face Tuesday. Hey Gibby, going soft on us at 72? I really am getting tired of it,'' the St. Louis Cardinals great said. I didn't do half the things they said I did,'' he said. ''They said I was always knocking guys down and hitting guys. Yogi Berra, George Brett and 40-some Hall of Famers took part, too, sitting in the back of shiny pickup trucks. On that day, the men who would become monuments were on the field. I was not much in awe,'' said Feller, the oldest living Hall player at 89. ''I had good stuff that day. I threw that overhand high fastball out of the bleachers. Fans who were at Fenway Park for the 1999 All-Star Game still rave about the scene that night for a rousing salute to Ted Williams. Then again, All-Star Games often are about moments more than results. This is not the easiest city to play in,'' Hank Aaron said. Berra and Whitey Ford sat together, and it was fitting. ...
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